How to Create Captivating Instagram Videos?


Instagram video is the most demanding item on the social media platform, and it is one of the essential marketing strategies for Instagram. You can make an Instagram video for almost three to sixty seconds, and you can edit and upload it from your phone.

Also, transfer the file from the computer if you are editing on a laptop, and then take the final draft on your phone and then upload it. Video content in Instagram is the most popular one, and it helps to boost your Instagram growth.

Why are videos on Instagram so popular? The brands are getting the most accessible form to showcase their product from every angle and share catchy content to increase the customer base.

They marketize their development by sharing tips, hacks, and more informative content rather than just making promotional videos. Using Instagram Live and gaining the momentum of Instagram.

Later, the Instagram video is saved as IGTV, which helps the audience go back and watch it again for further references.


The article will discuss how to plan, shoot and use light for Instagram videos. Once you take these three steps, you can get the best product result, and it helps you fetch more engagement and views. Follow the following steps:

Video Shooting

When video shooting comes in, you must decide which camera to use to shoot. You can start with a DSLR or Smartphone because the camera quality of smartphones nowadays is incredible. While shooting, there are certain things that you should remember:

Whether you shoot in landscape or portrait mode, Instagram does not crop it in square format anymore. Then do not worry. The video will easily fit in the frame of Instagram. Keep the focus on the subject, so the video comes clear.

Also, if you want to focus on a product and keep your face out of focus, tap the screen to get the desired range of focus while shooting. Unless the content demands for the shaky shoot, keep the shot fixed. Use a tripod to keep the DSLR or Smartphone steady.

Your Instagram video needs to be one minute in length, and hence you have to be selective with the footage you want to put in the Instagram video storytelling. If you have some event to conduct, plan accordingly what you want to shoot and include the same in the video.

Using a good video editor will help you edit the shots, remove unwanted photos, and keep the ones you need to let the world see. It will make your video authentic, clear, and specific. 

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Have Clear Goals

In one minute, telling a catchy story is a real challenge. Therefore, you have to plan the content well before including necessary information in a one-minute video. Before collecting all the information, ask what goal you have in mind to share with your audience and then decide.

Do you want followers? Increase sales? What is your real purpose, and then plan your video content accordingly? It would help if you were specific about your video goal. The feeling and the tone of the video depending on what you want to achieve.

Be a Storyteller

If your goal is to attract attention, you must make a video like a storyteller. Excitingly make your storytelling video have a start, then the middle part, and finally the end of the video. Make it crisp and enjoyable. The videos on Instagram play automatically when a user scrolls through the app.

Hence, your video must start with a scene that catches the eye. Also, it helps you stay different from others. CTA is a must where viewers can take a further step to increase the engagement of the video and your brand.

Storytelling videos attract more audiences than you can ever imagine. It is the best way to connect with your audiences. 

Video Lighting

You do not need high-end means of lightning to shoot a video. Following the guidelines like portrait style video, you must become the fixed subject, and keeping eye contact with the natural camera light is essential.

The LED ring light gives that optimum source of light to shoot your video effectively. Sit in front of the window where you get maximum natural light. You must stand in front of the natural light and not at its back. Then your video will look clear and perfect. 

Overhead lights can be tricky and give you visual effects that are unattractive. Hence, the light source must help you shoot the subject ideally without any lousy lightning.

If the natural light is not in favor of you, you can use light in the form of a poster board or a reflector with paper. Use black plastic so that you can stop the unwanted source of light. 

Video Examples of Instagram

The content of the video is also essential like for example:

  • Brand image
  • Aesthetic 
  • Products
  • Video story

Write down the points or thoughts that come to your head. A brainstorming session is essential to bring in new ideas and then match the content with the video’s feel and tone.

Also, remember that consistency is also the key to the video. Make a product feature video where you talk about the features of the product.

Show some product action videos to break the image monotony of Instagram. Share preview videos of the new launch of a product or collection, BTS, stop motion, tutorials are the different types of videos you can share on Instagram.

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So, there are different types of videos that you can create in one minute. What are you waiting for? Grab your camera, tripod, script, and light to shoot your first video.

But remember all the above points to follow all the guidelines and make an excellent video that will not disappoint you and create an outstanding video.

It gives you a better understanding of how to increase the Instagram game with these video ideas. You can become the master of Instagram with the best and unique Instagram video.


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