5 Adorable Christian Christmas Gifts for your Friend

Christian Christmas Gifts

Getting your friend a gift is already difficult because there’s so many options to choose from but just one singular person to satisfy. And we don’t want to get some gift that would be forgotten in a few months.

Now consider that friend being Christian and realize just how much more difficult this task is. 

But not to worry. We’ve curated a list of gift ideas that would be perfect for your christian friend in Christmas season. 

Personalized Bible 

This is probably cliche but a Bible could be the most endearing gift to the general population of Christians. And because it’s for your friend (someone you should know very well), personalizing it for them could mean the world to them. Such a simple, ordinary gift could become a treasured item that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Ideas for personalizing a Bible:

– Get a leather-bound edition with gold or silver embossing

– Customizable the covers with names, initials, or special messages

– Get a one in a translation/language that suits your friend if they’re a non-english speaker.

– Find some beautifully illustrated editions with artwork and devotional content

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Christian-Themed Items

After a bible directly suited for them, the next best gift you can get your friend for Christmas is an everyday product, but wrapped in a reminder of their faith.

Imagine your friend taking their early morning coffee from a mug that says “Jesus said to her, ‘Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst.” (John 4:13-14).

Or they’ve got a keychain that says “Do not fear, for I am with you” (Isaiah 41:10)

Each time they catch a glimpse of their item to see these quotes, they’ll get rejuvenated faith in God. Soon, they’d become a symbol of hope and encouragement.

Customized Prayer Journal

In my opinion, everyone should have a journal. Journaling helps us organize our thoughts, understand our emotions and actions, and generally make our lives easier. For an organized Christian friend, there may be no better gift than a customized prayer journal.

A prayer journal can become a treasure, a place to pour out thoughts and dreams and prayers. A customized prayer journal elevates this experience by offering a personalized sanctuary for your friend to deepen their connection with God.

You could adorn the journal with your friend’s name or initials, heartfelt prayers, gratitude lists, or inspiring quotes. These words, together with the soft lush cover of the journal will invite your friend to embrace their spiritual journey with grace and intention.

Christian Book or Devotional

Now this is probably a surprising gift idea because your friend is a Christian they probably have this already. They probably do their devotions every morning. But no.

There are more thought-provoking, wholly-inspiring books/devotionals out there. Getting them a devotional would shine like a beacon, illuminating a path to spiritual growth, inspiration and a deeper connection with God. 

I mean, imagine your friend curled up in the morning turning the pages of a bestselling author or devotional writer. Best believe they would be transported to a world of hope and guidance where the wisdom of God’s word comes alive. 

You should know there are different types of christian books and devotionals:

– Inspirational memoirs and biographies

– Biblical studies and commentary

– Devotionals for women, men, or couples

– Christian living and spiritual growth

– Gift editions and collector’s items

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Personalized Christian Music CD

As a big fan of music, a CD filled with curated songs to my taste would give me that oomph. 

Music holds a special place for most people, capable of uplifting and soothing souls, as well as inspiring the heart. Getting the right tunes for your friend would elevate that experience to insane levels, giving them a treasured box that would probably remain with them forever.

And apart from the tunes uploaded unto the disc, you could work on the exterior as well. Adorn your friend’s name or initials on the cassette. Your little gift would be enveloped in a reminder of God’s love for them.

Types of Personalized Christian Music CDs you can get your friend include:

– Customizable playlists with favorite artists or songs

– Themed CDs for encouragement, worship, or relaxation

– Instrumental albums for meditation or reflection

– Seasonal CDs for Christmas, Easter, or other holidays

– Limited edition CDs with exclusive content

Other gifts you can get your friend include:

  • Jewelry with some Bible verses inscribed like a double cross necklace
  • Faith-inspired phone case 
  • vidAngel gift cards
  • Waterproof stickers with christian references 
  • Tote bags
  • Pencil pouch with christian references 
  • Bible prints


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