3 Instagram Marketing Tips to Build a Solid Follower Base in 2021


Instagram is no longer what it was when it launched. Nowadays, marketing with Instagram has become much more difficult as the competition in every niche has increased significantly and the Instagram algorithm also has many limitations.

Still, marketing with Instagram can still be done in a fairly effective way. All you need to do is think outside the box and apply some of the latest Instagram marketing tips that are still working pretty well in 2021.

Focus on creating your profile

We know it’s tempting to reach out to your target audience directly after setting up an account to build a follower base, but you would have a really hard time growing your follower base if you didn’t get your account and profile right set up ”.

By setting up your profile, we mean making crystal clear to your followers what niche you are in, what your profile is about, and a bio to help you stand out from the crowd.

Of course, you also need a high quality, memorable profile picture.

Additionally, when you start your marketing efforts to build your follower base, you need to make sure that your latest posts quickly grab the attention of people in your niche and help generate engagement.

More importantly, you need to give your target audience something so that they can trust them to follow you. Even if your profile ticks all the boxes but has around 20 followers, it would be daunting for your target audience to follow you as it doesn’t instill trust, confidence, or give them a reason to dig deeper into your content.

This is one of the top reasons marketers who are serious about using Instagram as a social marketing platform to reach its full potential should start by buying Instagram followers that look real and are of high quality so it can snowball and helps them build a large follower base with their real target audience.

Switch to a business profile

As we said above, setting up your account is vital if you are to pursue a long-term growth strategy for Instagram. And switching to a business profile is one of the best things to do right, to begin with.

That’s simply because having a business profile comes with a myriad of perks that you don’t get with a personal account, which you start with on Instagram by default.

Here are some of the most notable features you’ll unlock with a business profile.

A contact button on your profile that enables your followers to get in touch with you directly on Instagram. The ability to start and run advertising campaigns on Instagram without using Facebook’s complicated advertising tools.

Access to some pretty neat and useful insights and analysis about your account that would help understand your target audience and refine your content strategy. Of course, there are a few other advantages too.

If you’re looking to build your Instagram account with a commercial interest in mind, then the “business” page is for you. You can easily switch to a business account by going into Settings and clicking the “Switch to Business Profile” button.

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You need more than high-quality pictures!

Many people have the misconception that they just need to post high-quality pictures and (occasionally) high definition or HD videos and they are ready to build a huge follower base in a few months.

Oftentimes, you will end up with disappointing results. See, if you are a business you probably have quite a competition, and probably none of your real competitors post bad pictures or low-quality videos.

You all know what high-quality pictures and 1080p video mean. In other words, you can’t stand out and attract followers just because you post high-quality pictures and videos.


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