Best 5 Ways to Split PDF


PDF is one of the most common document file formats that is used nowadays in various fields including offices, education, and many others. The main benefit of PDF file format is that it presents the document in a more appealing and clean look.

The PDF file format is also considered a bit more secure as you cannot readily make changes to the files.

Talking about not being able to make changes in PDF, one of the most common problems that people face with PDF file format is when they need to merge data from one or more PDF files and create a new one. 

In order to convert, split or merge a PDF file, there are several online and offline converts but not all of them do the job as desired.

In this article, we will showcase the best tools that you can use to split or merge your PDF files. is one of, if not the best online tool for all your PDF related needs. The is one place where you get all your PDF services fulfilled including the Merge and Split PDF.

The best part about is that they are not just limited to the services they have, in fact, the site has several new services coming very soon including adding watermarks, Password protecting your PDF files, and a bunch of other cool stuff.

With the Merge and Split tools at, you can extract pages from an existing PDF file, do any changes on top of it that you require, and generate a new PDF with the updated text.

One of the biggest advantages of using is that the formatting of your original PDF is not compromised.

In often cases, people merge or Split PDF documents and end up compromising their existing orientation and format. Not only does it result in inconvenience to the user, but also wastes considerable time in getting the required formatting like before.

With you don’t have to worry about any of this. Your final document after the splitting or merging process will look just as awesome as the original one.

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If you want to split PDF online, EasePDF is another great tool that will do the job just right. EasePDF is among the very few PDF converters and editing tools that are online.

In most cases, you have to download and install a tool, which not only takes a considerable amount of time but also acquires hard drive storage.

However, with EasePDF, users do not have to worry about any of this, in fact, all they need to do open the EasePDF website and extract pages from the PDF file they want, and split the PDF into a new file. 

EasePDF splits and merges your PDF file with such high accuracy that even you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. They have some of the best working algorithms behind their tools that will split your PDF online in a matter of seconds, if not minutes.

The first step is adding your file, for which the users have the option to either upload the PDF file directly from the computer or import one from a cloud drive.

Users cannot only merge and split the PDF file format but also edit the text, zoom, rotate or reorder the pages.

Once you select the pages you want to need in the new file, you can split them, and boom, you’re done.

PDF Split and Merge

PDF Split and Merge as the name suggests is a website that is entirely dedicated to the merge and split the functionality of a PDF file.

While other PDF tools have the merge and split functionality as one of their many functions, but PDF Split and Merge primarily focuses on this function which is a good thing.

Being a PDF tool that is designed for a specific purpose, the PDF Split and Merge is fairly easy to use.

Any amateur who isn’t familiar with these online tools can easily use PDF Split and Merge due to its simplicity. The first step is uploading the file. Remember that since it is an online tool, there is a limit to the maximum number of files or file size that you can upload.

For example, you can upload a maximum of 100 PDF files or 190 MB in file size. Once the uploading is done, you select the operation you want to perform, which in the case of PDF Split and Merge is either Split or Merge.

The next step is choosing the pages up to where you want to split your document and select “Split” or “Merge”. After a couple of minutes, you will get your file split or merged.

PDF Element

PDF Element is another great tool that is all in one as it provides the user with several amazing services including convert, edit, protect PDF, Compress PDF and not to mention the Split and Merge functionality as well.

One thing that must be kept in mind before using the PDF Element is that it is an offline PDF tool, meaning that you would have to download and install the tool.

A tool being offline can have some benefits as well such as using it in the absence of the internet, uploading more files as compared to online tools. The PDF Element does an excellent job at converting and splitting your PDF files.

The tool is also pretty easy to use as it has a fairly simple interface. One of the best advantages of the PDF Element is the speed with which it can convert your files. The reason for such speeds is the tool being offline and not dependent on internet speeds.

Ice-cream PDF Split and Merge

Ice-cream PDF Split and Merge is another PDF file editor that is very specific in its job. This tool when you start it shows only two options; Merge and Split. The Ice-cream PDF Split and Merge does an excellent job of extracting pages from PDF and splitting them.

The Ice-cream PDF Split and Merge are available in both MAC and Windows, therefore almost all types of desktop users can avail of this tool. 

In order to split a PDF using Ice-cream PDF Split and Merge, you can use the following different page modes.

Single Pages File

Every page of the PDF file that you are splitting will be saved as a separate single page file.

By Groups

In this, you can divide the PDF into groups and decide after how many pages the PDF should split, and that portion will become a group.

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Delete Pages

Instead of splitting the document, you can also choose the Delete Pages option and simply get rid of the pages that you don’t want in your PDF file.


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