Latest PDF Software: Brief Guide On Using PDFBear To Edit Your Files


Are you having some trouble handling Microsoft files and documents? Are you one of those who prefer to convert files, such as Word, Excel, and PPT to PDF? Well, this must be the right time for you to discover PDFBear! As the name PDFBear suggests, you can use this website to aid in advancing your digital file tasks. 

There might be hundreds of PDF software on the internet, but indeed you cannot find one that works incredibly conveniently like PDFBear.

Here, you can convert, split PDF into pages, compress, merge, and even lock your files. That said, PDFBear’s converter tool will be of great use for you.

With that, let’s check out how this tool works and some of its unique features!

Convert a file within seconds

The first thing you want to know is how to manipulate the tool. Well, converting a file sounds complicated and difficult, but it is not true with PDFBear.

With its straightforward conversion, even a beginner can easily manipulate and convert from Word to PDF in a matter of a few moments. 

That said, if you need to convert a file as soon as possible, you can always count on PDFBear. PDFBear is only one click away from your device.

From there, the simplified instructions for conversion are conveniently displayed on their server.

PDFBear offers you these four quick and easy steps that you must follow to make a smooth conversion. 

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Step 1: Upload the file

The first step in file conversion will require you to visit their website first and search for the converter tool; the system will then redirect you to the tool’s site. From there, you will upload the Word file that you want to turn into a PDF.

Press the “Select Files” tab and start browsing to your computer. Alternatively, the “Drag and Drop” feature will also allow you to upload the file even faster. 

Step 2: Wait for the server to scan your file

Once you have sent the file to their server, the conversion tool will start scanning and extracting texts from the document’s pages, and then the tool will quickly convert your file to PDF. 

Step 3: Wait 

Please wait for a few moments until the tool completes the process. It usually takes a few seconds only until it is ready. 

Step 4: Download the file

Finally, the converter tool will provide you with a brand new PDF file. You will see the “Download” button; click the button and save the file to your device.

Other than that, you may share the file to your Google Drive as well. 

User-friendly interface

PDFBear is a compassionate software that primarily ensures their valued customer’s experience on their site. The site allows anyone using the tool to work with their files at ease and hassle-free.

The website’s user-friendly interface provides convenience to all. From its color motif to its font style, the user surely won’t have a hard time reading instructions. 

Easy conversion on the cloud

PDFBear makes sure you still have free access to their tools and services wherever you may go. When you need to make a quick conversion, but you are still on a bus ride, that should not be a problem.

Cloud conversion is now a thing with PDFBear! Just remember to bring a functional device that has a stable internet connection, and you are good to go. 

Do you need to download and install applications or software? The answer is a big no. The PDFBear’s cloud system lets you finish any PDF-related issues whenever you want.

The conversion process happens in the cloud. 

Do you need bigger storage for your device? Again, the answer is no; this technology has cloud storage where all the data used will go there.

That is why other PDF sites can never match PDFBear’s incredible features.

Multi-platform accessibility

Does your PDF software only support one operating system? That must be quite a hassle. It’s time for you to switch to this site. With this website, accessibility is limitless.

The site supports all operating systems, such as Linux, Android, Windows, and Mac. That said, you will no longer worry about which device you can use. 

Other Web Tools

The website is surprisingly an all-in-one PDF software that offers it all for free! Many PDF sites can offer multiple tools as well, except that they require hefty fees before using them.

With this website, you can merge or even split pages from your PDF files, which will cost you zero dollars. Check out a few of the many tools that you can use for free. 

1. Merge PDF

The Merge PDF tool by this website will allow you to re-organize PDF files that are cluttered on your computer’s desktop. Also, this will help in saving some space from your storage. Merging PDF files comes as easy as these four steps. 

First, you must upload those files that you want to combine as one file. Here, you can leave the rest of the work to Merge PDF tools. After a few moments, the site will allow you to download a new PDF file comprising all the files that you have uploaded. 

2. Split PDF

If you can merge PDF files, you can split them as well. If you need to send an individual file to your boss, separating your files into an individual file will be more convenient. It will only take less than a minute if you use this splitting tool. 

As usual, upload the file that you want to split to their server. After, you will choose which pages will be separated. From there, submit all the changes you made and wait for a few seconds until you can download and save your new individual files. 

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Many are struggling to find reliable PDF software. For hundreds of software on the internet, most of them are either limited in tools or require hefty charges. Others also end up destroying your files, or worse, compromising your file’s privacy.

With that, the website continues to make a mark on the internet as a leading PDF software because of its incredible features mentioned above. 


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