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Avidemux Video Editor

Avidemux offers you a variety of editing options for the further processing of your videos. Along with this, however, the entry into the software is a bit more time-consuming. The clear and German-language menu navigation should also enable beginners to get familiar with Avidemux as soon as possible.

As known from other software of this kind, you import your video files into the program in order to then trim them and provide them with various effects. Numerous video and audio filters are included and the included correction tools also work intuitively. For a freeware program, the scope is impressive. However, if the offered is too little, you can reload further filters via plug-in.

Interestingly, Avidemux can be operated not only via graphical user interface, but also via command line. In this case, the JavaScript interpreter SpiderMonkey is used. The graphical user interface, which exists in two variants, is based on GTK+ or Qt, depending on the choice. Thanks to their compatibility with all common systems, the program is therefore independent.

A included conversion wizard

A plethora of formats are supported, both of a more familiar nature (avi, mp4, mkv, jpeg) and of an unknown nature (Nuppelvideo, Ogg Vorbis). Frame-accurate cuts are just as uncomplicated with Avidemux as the conversion of individual data packets. A conversion wizard for Apple iPod and Apple iPhone is also a special feature.

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Avidemux requires a little training time from you. However, the given scope quickly compensates for this disadvantage. The in-house script editor and the conversion assistant already mentioned set the freeware apart from the competition. Avidemux doesn’t even have to hide from paid software. The program is available in a German version for Windows 10. Thanks to the mentioned platform compatibility, Avidemux also runs on almost all computers with the operating systems Linux, BSD or macOS.


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